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Abacus, a mental maths concept is a brain development programme that originated in Japan. Abacus is modern representation of an ancient art of brain development to increase speed, creativity and memory skills which automatically results in students all over development and solid foundation for children.


Around the world, abaci have been used in pre-schools and elementary schools as an aid in teaching the numeral system and arithmetic. In Western countries, a bead frame similar to the Russian abacus but with straight wires and a vertical frame has been common (see image). It is still often seen as a plastic or wooden toy. The wire frame may be used either with positional notation like other abaci (thus the 10-wire version may represent numbers up to 9,999,999,999), or each bead may represent one unit (so that e.g. 74 can be represented by shifting all beads on 7 wires and 4 beads on the 8th wire). The red-and-white abacus is used in contemporary primary schools for a wide range of number-related lessons. The twenty bead version, referred to by its Dutch name rekenrek, is often used, sometimes on a string of beads, sometimes on a rigid framework.3
Abacus is an amazing technique that assists students to perform basic arithmetic calculations accurately and quickly. This method activates right as well as left side of the brain and helps students in achieving very high calculation speeds. It helps students to improve their concentration, memory power and enhance their creativity and visualization power.

We offer a uniquely mentored programme on Abacus Training as per the following structure:

Types of Programme:
Junior champs :- For children aged 6 to 8 years
Senior Champs :- For children aged 8 & above years
Each Level is delivered in approximately 3 to 4 months under standard conditions with once a week classroom coaching of 2 hrs. followed by every day practice sessions per Level.

Our Abacus training is different from the other institutions, as we are not only offering franchise like others but we are teaching abacus to children and ours is one of the best Abacus centre in Delhi.  We conduct live demonstrations of Abacus at our Franchisee’s opening ceremony and assist in marketing efforts for better reach.
Practical Training to teachers.
Training through Multimedia and Softwares.
Low investment.
Abacus kits provided (Bag, Abacus, Books).
Certificate provided for each level by the academy.
No Royalty

We organize ABACUS CHAMPIONSHIP every year to encourage students.

Scientific analysis has proven the advantages of Abacus

  • Significant Progress, in Ability to concentrate, visualize, memorize, listen and read quickly.
  • Drastically increases one’s confidence in calculation.
  • Develops the right brain tremendously, so swiftly.
  • Enhances the ability to integrate information.


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