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Welcome to S.S. Coaching’s helpline for CBSE correspondence admission for class 10th and 12th. Really correspondence admission is a blessing for failed, working people and school dropout students.

If you are a student and failed in class 9th or 11th from any school or if you are school dropout earlier but now want to continue your studies, or if you are a working person now want to complete your education for class 10th or 12th – don’t worry, you can approach S.S. Coaching immediately. First, you will get our expert’s help for your admission in class 10th or 12th through CBSE correspondence admission.

You can pass class 10th or 12th CBSE public exam with high marks with the help and guidance of S.S. Coaching and go out happily!

S.S. Coaching is formed with the sole aim of helping student community at the secondary senior secondary school level. So far, with the focused efforts of our experts, thousands of students have passed 10th standard and 12th standard CBSE exams, through correspondence admission. Now you can also be one of them to enjoy happiness of reviving school life once again.

Our experts will help you for your admission in CBSE correspondence admission for 10th standard or 12th standard, as the case may be.  Impart special coaching in all subjects by regular classes. Sharpen your skills to face the exams with confidence and pass out with high marks!

Why S.S. Coaching?

Since the inception in 2009, S.S. Coaching is dedicated to service the school-going students, particularly failed and dropped-out students. We take care of all your admission formalities in either 10th standard or 12th standard, according to your qualification. Being private students of CBSE correspondence admission, you need not attend regular schools, like other students. We conduct special coaching classes at our study centers, during morning, evening and weekends. If you are working, you can choose the convenient timing suitable for you.

The experienced teachers illustrate each lesson for 10th standard and 12th standard, in the coaching classes with sophisticated equipment. They supply study materials, notes, guides and tips to improve your knowledge and skill in all the lessons. Previous question papers with answers are supplied, and mock-tests are conducted to familiarize you with the exam papers.

With such individualized special coaching given by S.S. Coaching, you become more skilled and knowledgeable student.

CBSE Correspondence Education Schemes At School Level:

Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) Is A Division Of Education Ministry Of Government Of India. The Main Objective Of CBSE Is To Provide World-Standard Education To School Students In India. They Have Formulated And Prescribed CBSE Syllabus On This Footing; And Conduct Public Exams Every Year, All Over The Country At Particular Dates.

Owing To The High-Standard, CBSE Secondary School Passing Certificates For Both 10th Standard And 12th Standard Are Considered Valuable. The Students Obtaining These Certificates Are Welcome To Join 11th Standard In Any School After Passing 10th; Those Passed 12th Standard Get Lucrative Career And Study Options.

The Plight Of Failed, School Dropout And Uneducated Students From Schools Is Really Miserable. With So Many Dreams And Aspirations, They Want To Continue Their Studies. CBSE CORRESPONDENCE ADMISSION Is The Best Solution For These Students To Complete Their Education.

If A Student Is Failed In Class 9th Or 11th From A Regular School They Cannot Continue Their School-Life. They Will Not Be Permitted To Study 10th Standard After Failing In 9th Class And A 11th Fail Student Is Also Not Permitted To Study 12th. They Will Be Driven Out From Their School With A Transfer Certificate. Their Dreams And Expectations Are Thus Closed Mercilessly.

In Such A Juncture, The Student Blinks As What To Do Next. S.S. Coaching Helps Them By Admitting Them As Private Candidates, Through Correspondence Admission For 10th Standard And 12th Standard. These Students Can Enroll For These Courses, Appear For The Respective Public Examinations, And Pass With Top-Marks With The Help Of S.S. Coaching.


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