S.S. Coaching is a Affordable Henna Teaching Academy which will teach you from the comfort of your home how to hopefully make income as a Henna Artist. If you are checking this website you are interested in being a Henna designing artist. The good news is you have come to the right place. You can come to our location and learn Henna designing.

(1) BE ABLE to Prepare and Apply Henna to a Professional Standard i.e a to a standard whereby people are willing to part with their hard earned money voluntarily ( threats of violence is not a option)(2) BE ABLE to Attract Paying Customers and more importantly continue attracting customers over and over again.  Proper Customers, sooner or later your family will get sick of you applying henna on them and if they are like mine certainly will not pay for the privelage however good you might be except granny that is 🙂 maybe ?? 

We will help teach you how to succeed by concentrating on areas such asLeg-Mehndi-Design-15 

How to make perfect Henna Mixture including my Tips and Tricks of the TradeHow to correctly make Henna cones including my Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Which Customers and Which Markets to Target

other than the usual wedding market and how to do this.We will introduce you to a current HOT market with possibly a endless source of work and it’s NOT Weddings !!!!

We will teach you exactly WHAT I DO TODAY and have been doing for approximately 10 years i have literally turned a hobby into a proper income generating tax paying business it’s an amazing  feeling getting payed for something which was a hobby and i truly love doing.

The Main Courses Are

  1. Basic Mehendi
  2. Arabic Mehndi
  3. Indian Mehendi
  4. Bridal Mahendi
  5. Advance Arabic Mehendi
  6. Advance Bridal Mehndi
  7. Dubai
  8. Rose mehendi & Many More